Training Tips | January 24, 2016

Ideas for High Value Treats for Dogs

We use food rewards to reinforce desired behaviours in your training. There are all kinds of treats available, from basic kibble to commercial treats to home made ones. High value treats are usually meat or protein based and can be cooked, cubed pieces of chicken or beef, bacon or cheese. Dog blogger 

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Ever heard of a Snuffle Mat?

Here is a great idea for a home-made food puzzle for your dog. It is called a Snuffle mat. For your creative folks out there, here are a couple of links to DIY videos and instructions: Snuffle Mat Mayhem and DIY Snuffle Mat

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What does a Wagging Tail Mean?

Check out this interesting post by Stanley Coren if you are interested in deciphering your dog’s body language a bit better: What a Dog’s Tail Wags Really Mean: Some New Scientific Data

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Sara came to us after being rescued by friends Tessa and Gerson. They found this little beauty injured by the side of the road. She was no doubt struck by a car and left to die. She had a fractured pelvis and … Continue Reading ››

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We picked Claire up in front of our home as she was being accosted by a group of males. She was in heat, terrified, and trying to escape the unwanted attention.  We took her to our vet and boarded … Continue Reading ››

About Your Pet, Training Tips | April 4, 2015

Dog Training-our Philosophy

Dog training, like teaching any subject requires the trainer to combine a shifting blend of knowledge, science, pedagogy, intuition, art, and a touch of voodoo. All behaviour is based in reinforcement, and successfully modifying it depends on the trainer understanding the science behind modifying behaviours,being able to communicate clearly with the subject, and effectively guiding … Continue … Continue reading Dog Training-our Philosophy

Rainbow Bridge | April 1, 2015

R.I.P. Kofi (Pepper)

Last night Kofi (Pepper) was struck by a car and killed. This beautiful, too-young-to-die dog was rescued by a good samaritan in Guatemala City in the fall of  2013. He was a … Continue Reading ››

Uncategorized | March 15, 2015

Cusca and Puppies

  This lovely female arrived with us last week, and three of her seven pups soon followed her. Her owner died and the family left her behind on the street. She stayed in the yard of the abandoned house, waiting for her … Continue Reading ››

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Clean and dry- A group of our student volunteers found a stray puppy in very bad shape at their school. They They worked together to help her. Addie wandered into the parking area of their school. The kids wanted … Continue Reading ››

Uncategorized | January 21, 2015

Cleo, Molly, and Osito

Baby Cleo Cleo, Molly, Osito and their five siblings were born to a free roaming black female on or around November 10, 2014. They were found in the dump behind the Antigua market by a Guatemalan woman who lives nearby. She … Continue Reading ››

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