Carpaccio was found injured, likely hit by a car. The person who picked him up took him to a vet in a nearby town for treatment, and the veterinarian amputated his foreleg. The person never returned to pick up the puppy, and several weeks later, friends saw him at the clinic and took him home with them.

Unfortunately, the amputation was  performed incorrectly and Carpaccio  needed a second amputation to shorten the stump that was left, as it was too long and he opened it up trying to use the limb. He was not a candidate for a prothesis.

Carpaccio had a second amputation and his surgery site is now healed and properly done. He looks and feels great.

He is an extremely sweet, gentle and friendly pup. He is about 5-6 months old, and he absolutely adores people and other dogs. In spite of his injury he plays hard and runs and keeps up with the other pups just fine. He will make a great companion for a lucky adopter.


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