Available to Adopt


Flaco is a truly stunning puppy with mesmerizing two-colored eyes. He is about 3 months old.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Simba is a very friendly, happy little 4 month old puppy. She is outgoing and loves everyone she meets. She would be a great puppy for a family!!

Status: Ready to Adopt


Noël is about 5 months old. She is recovering beautifully and will be available to adopt internationally in a few more weeks

Status: Rehabilitation


Petunia is a sweet little 8 month old puppy who will be a smaller sized dog. She is still somewhat hand-shy but is growing in confidence daily

Status: Ready to Adopt


Nina was found wandering near Antigua. She is Lab mix, about 5 months old. She is still learning to trust hands, and is not ready for adoption yet

Status: Training


Mango looks a little bit like a mini-Malinois, but has a sweet, gentle temperament. The best of both worlds, we would say!

Status: Ready to Adopt


Dalmi is a lovely salt-and-pepper puppy, about 5 months old. In addition to being beautiful, she is simply delightful

Status: Ready to Adopt


Noodle is five months old and a really fun, playful and sweet pup.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Tigra is a gorgeous five month old, mid-sized lab/hound mix. She is a gentle, affectionate girl who is great with people

Status: Ready to Adopt


Ariel is nothing short of a miracle pup. She is a lovely young dog with a great temperament.

Status: Adoption Pending


Francis is about a year old. He is a smaller-sized pup with a lovely, cuddly and calm personality. He would do great as an only dog, too!

Status: Ready to Adopt


Sakura is about a year old. We are looking for a local home or a US home experienced with drivey, leash reactive dogs

Status: Training