Available to Adopt


Theo is a sweet and beautiful brindle pup. He has a great temperament and is an all around wonderful dog

Status: Ready to Adopt


Chito is one of the cutest, sweetest pups we've ever met. Check him out-he won't be available for long!

Status: Ready to Adopt


Hank is one of 6 sweet puppy siblings. He is a gentle, laid-back kind of pup, happy to play and happy to cuddle.

Status: Adoption Pending


Carpaccio lost a leg due to an accident (but don't tell him...he doesn't know!) This adorable pup is recovered and ready for adoption

Status: Ready to Adopt


Condesa would be a great choice for Border Collie fanciers. She has a similar temperament.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Nia has responded extremely well to training and our more rural setting. She is absolutely lovely and ready for adoption within Guatemala

Status: Ready to Adopt


Queenie had a rough time before we got her. She has some ongoing skin issues and some separation anxiety. We'd love a stay-at-home family for her

Status: Ready to Adopt


Archie is super cute and sweet with people. We are working on his leash reactivity toward other dogs before he will be ready to adopt.

Status: Training


Dallie has made huge progress on her manners and impulse control. She is beautiful and sweet and ever-so-ready for a home of her own.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Koda is about 2 years old. She is a shy girl, and would do best in a quiet home with a calm adult dog to give her confidence.

Status: Ready to Adopt