Available to Adopt


The most adorable companion you could ask for!

Status: Ready to Adopt

Lila and Cosita

Sweet sisters looking for their foreverhome (preferably together)

Status: Ready to Adopt

Piri Piri

Piri Piri is about 3.5 months old and ready for local adoption

Status: Ready to Adopt


Indy is a 6 year old dog, super friendly, happy and great with other dogs and people

Status: Ready to Adopt


Tandoori is a sweet puppy, who is available for local adoption now.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Ronya is a bottle fed orphan puppy, only about a month old, and growing up to be available for adoption soon

Status: Rehabilitation


Mudslide is a healthy, friendly, sweet 4 month old puppy. She is available for adoption within Guatemala.

Status: Adoption Pending


Floof-ball puppy Mayco is about 5 months old. He is a sweet, friendly puppy currently located in Guatemala.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Torie is growing, 4 months old now and ready for local adoption.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Maisey has recovered from a fractured femur and is ready for a wonderful home. She is currently located in Guatemala

Status: Ready to Adopt


Polly is a bouncy, silly, affectionate adult dog who is always ready to play. She will need regular grooming. Current location-Guatemala

Status: Ready to Adopt