Available to Adopt


This little sweetheart is recovering from an infection in the side of her mouth. She'll start training soon.

Status: Rehabilitation


This spectacularly beautiful young dog is equally spectacularly sweet and wonderful. We are smitten with him!

Status: Ready to Adopt


Little Dexter is differently-abled. He is deaf and has a permanent wink. But he has no idea he's different and is the sweetest pup in the world

Status: Ready to Adopt

George Clooney

Check out little George Clooney! This is one cute puppeh!

Status: Ready to Adopt


Ollie has the best ears (and the best personality) ever! This cutie is just a wonderful puppy

Status: Ready to Adopt


Lulu is a sweet dog who suffered a fractured pelvis. She'll have her leg amputated in early June and will be available for adoption once recovered

Status: Rehabilitation


Eleanor is a gentle, sweet and very loving dog. We think she is about 4 years old.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Minnow is the second female in our gang of 6 puppies. She will be ready for adoption soon

Status: Ready to Adopt


Balu is one of our 6 lovely puppies, dug out of a hillside in late March.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Jude is the smallest in size of the 6 pups, but certainly not in personality!

Status: Ready to Adopt


Two of our six lovely puppies, almost ready for adoption

Status: Adoption Pending


These 6 puppies are available for local foster and adoption in Antigua now, and will be ready for adoption in the US mid-June

Status: Ready to Adopt