We have approximately 30 cats in our sanctuary which is divided into three areas. We have a group of feral cats, a second group of five feline leukemia positive cats, and a large group of friendly, well socialized “garden cats”, some of which are available for adoption to the right home.


One could swim in the warm green seas of Delilah's beautiful eyes


Jorge is one of the feral cats


Elsa's blue eyes mesmerise

Two Spot

And here is Two Spot, unrelated but similar in both looks and age to Three Spot

Three Spot

Three Spot is a beautiful young male cat, named guessed it, he has three black spots on his back


Rosie is strikingly beautiful and sweet, but a little on the shy side


Rex is a beautiful, mellow, long haired marmalade and white cat.


Ralphie was left behind when his human moved away. He is a gorgeous and friendly guy


Formerly feral, Dosi loves people now and is one of the first cats to come say hello


Sheba was a circus cat in her last life. She loves to jump on your back and ride around there