Sanctuary Dogs


Roz is an aged female who came to us in June of 2018. She has a myriad of joint and pain problems we are managing with a cocktail of medications


Tomassina is an older female who has had far too many puppies. She will likely live out her life with us as a sanctuary dog.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Sam is doing great in his training but is not yet ready for adoption.


Somalia is a sweet, loving elderly lady who could be adopted. She is still healthy and strong and has lots of love to give.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Milo is a sanctuary dog as he has anxiety, fearful with new people, and is extremely reactive. He is not available for adoption.


Canela is a chubby little ball of cuddles and love. She is a sweet senior, still in very good health who loves a good sofa to curl up on.


Carmelita had been treated very badly when she came to us but she gave us her trust and quickly became a sweet and loving dog.

Xiao Chow

The first dog we brought in after forming Unidos, Chow is now very much the King of the Cerro.


Molly is a sweet senior girl. She shares a large run with Chico, and although she is a quarter of his size, she keeps him in line!