Available to Adopt


Indigo is a friendly little brindle pup, found wandering all along in Antigua. She's healthy and ready for adoption

Status: Adoption Pending


Brinco is a sweet, older poodle. He is mostly blind due to cataracts, but gets around just fine

Status: Adoption Pending


Sushi is a small senior Schnauzer mix. She is quiet and quite reserved, but gentle and friendly.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Oma is a quiet, gentle senior who would love to have a garden to call home for her last years

Status: Ready to Adopt


Charlotte is a sweet, friendly 5 month old puppy, ready for a family all her own

Status: Ready to Adopt


Henry is a perfect gentlemen with a calm energy and wonderful manners; your fantastic best friend and copilot.

Status: Ready to Adopt

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is a chunky 8 month old puppy. He is likely a Lab-Shar Pei mix. He is sweet and gentle.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Trouper came in with a severely wounded front leg. He will be available for adoption once healed

Status: Rehabilitation


Donkey is about 4 years young. He is a gentle, affectionate and easy going guy who would love to chill with you

Status: Ready to Adopt


Lucas is about 6 months old and a sweet, gentle puppy, hoping for a lovely furever home

Status: Ready to Adopt


Bingo was slashed by a machete and left badly injured. He is recovered and ready for adoption now.

Status: Ready to Adopt


Ben is a friendly, people-loving mid-sized young dog. He is energetic and playful, and ready for a family to adopt him.

Status: Ready to Adopt