Our Animals

Unidos para los Animales works with dogs and cats. We house a limited number of animals at our facility above Antigua. We focus on rehabilitation and training (and re-training) the animals in our care, and are careful to avoid overcrowding. Our animals are housed in dry, spacious runs with access to a large grassy play area in the daytime. They are walked and groomed every day, and have as much interaction with people as possible. We have a full-time salaried employee who cares for our dogs each day. Dogs receive toys such as stuffed Kongs for enrichment, and we train our dogs using food and positive reinforcemment for mental stimulation and to teach behaviours they’ll need to integrate easily into a family. Our animals are all sterilised, heart worm tested, on monthly flea control, regularly dewormed, and treated immediately for any illness or physical problem.

Our dogs are listed as In Rehabilitation, In Training, Ready to Adopt, or Sanctuary on their postings.

  • In Rehabilitation indicates that the dog is recovering physically from life on the street or from an injury. The dog may also have fear or behavioral issues or reactivity that we are working on. The dog may be adopted to the right home even though it is not 100% recovered.
  • In Training indicates that the dog is on its way to mastering the basic behaviors that any good companion dog needs-sit, down, stand, stay, wait, come, and target. These dogs could also be adopted to the right home.
  • Ready to Adopt indicates that the dog is very ready for placement. The dog has a solid base of behaviours, is well socialised, and generally is fully housetrained.
  • And finally, we have our Sanctuary Dogs. These are dogs who for age, health, or behavioral reasons will likely not be adopted. Some are available for permanent foster (you give the dog a loving home, but we continue to cover the costs of medications), some could be adopted to special homes, and others will live out their lives loved by and cared for by us-their home is Cerro del Perro.

If you are interested in one of our dogs, please contact us for more information. Each dog has a very complete file listing all his or her treatments, personality and temperament information, energy level, and more.

Our cats live together in a large, indoor-outdoor area with access to food, water, toys, and sunshine. We consider the cats to be sanctuary animals. Some are available to be adopted, but only if the adopter’s living situation is such that the cats cannot get out via rooftops or walls. Cats are only adoptable as indoor pets.

We have a maximum capacity of between 22 to 26 adult dogs,  8 to 10 puppies, and 35 cats. We are almost always at capacity, and unfortunately must turn many animals away for lack of space and resources. Foster homes increase the numbers of animals we can help, and are always appreciated.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.