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Even a small contribution goes a long way … all of our dogs and cats live in very comfortable surroundings, we feed them high-quality food (Kirkland Premium), they are all spayed, neutered, and vaccinated, and receive monthly flea control, and parasitic treatment. Enrichment includes petting and grooming, daily walks plus free reign in the grassed and fenced playground as well as going 3-5 times a week for an off-leash run in a nearby beautiful coffee farm and of course on-going training (clicker method).  We schedule varied play activities with the dogs which consist of games of fetch, tug, seeking games (nose work), large ball play, etc. The dogs play one-on-one with humans and also get plenty of play time with each other. Our dogs also get stuffed Kongs,  rawhide chews, and food-puzzle toys  to entertain themselves while in their runs.

Our full time staff member Ronaldo Aspuac Zamora spends each day with our dogs, and is in charge of cleaning runs and play areas, daily walking, bathing and grooming, training and play. He makes sure that each dog gets attention, training, and the love that it deserves.


$50 (U.S.) per month sponsors a dog

*Breakdown: Q300 ($40) for food and treats for an average-size dog, monthly flea and parasite treatment(s) Q100 ($13).

A gift of $25 per month will sponsor a cat.

Breakdown: canned and dry food, flea control and litter.

Your one-time donation is a huge help, too. Some examples of what this can buy:

$5.00 donation: Kong stuffing’s (cream cheese, jerky for 10 happy dogs!) OR ingredients for a weeks’ worth of training treats. (We make our own healthy, natural treats) OR one DHLPP, FeLV, or one rabies vaccine.

$10.00 donation: Flea control (one month) for one dog OR will cover the cost of a large, heavy-chewer Kong toy.

$15.00 donation: Diagnostic work, a comprehensive veterinary exam, an X-ray, sonogram, or a base blood panel OR a Gentle Leader head halter or Easy Walk harness.

$20.00 donation: The cost of an IDEXX 4DX test for heart worm and tick borne diseases for a dog OR feline leukemia test for a cat OR a case (24 per pack) canned cat food.

$25.00 donation: The cost of neutering a male puppy or kitten OR a full panel of diagnostic blood testing OR a bag of Kirkland Premium puppy chow.

$40.00 donation: The cost of spaying a female puppy or cat  OR a 40 lb bag of Kirkland Premium dog food

$50.00 donation covers the cost of caring for one adult dog for one month *(see above for breakdown).

$65 donation: The cost of a spay for an adult female dog.

$100 donation: Covers all the initial costs of bringing a new, relatively healthy animal into the rescue (vet exam, vaccinations, deworming, bathing, flea treatment, heart worm or FeLV test and spay or neuter).

$500 donation: Pays the monthly salary for Ronaldo, our salaried employee who works six days a week cleaning and disinfecting all the living and play areas,  walks all of our dogs (on leash) each day; coordinates volunteers, and is responsible for all daily care of the dogs including bathing, grooming, medicating (and maintaining treatment records), running stool samples (checking for internal parasites), plus individual training and play time (enrichment activities).

Please consider sponsoring or making a donation to our dogs and cats. One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to maintaining our animals.

On behalf of our animals, we thank you!

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We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.