Marilyn Monroe

In May of 2018, little Marilyn crossed the rainbow bridge.  We thought we would have a couple of weeks with this little darling, and she hung on for over 4 wonderful years. She has left a huge hole in many hearts, disproportionate to her tiny size. RIP sweet girl.

Marilyn is a tiny teacup poodle mix weighing in at a whopping six pounds. She is probably about ten to twelve years old. She has many health issues, including a mature cataract in one eye, and a thinner one in her other eye. She limps from some old injury to her leg, and someone or something fractured her jaw a long time a go. It was never set, so hangs at a strange angle, not allowing her to close her mouth correctly and causing her tongue to protrude to one side. She is also almost completely toothless. And she sported a mammary tumor.

Marilyn was picked up by someone who dropped her off at Terry’s office. They told us that she was wandering in the street. Marilyn had terrible skin-severe flea bite dermatitis and mange, and she was almost hairless.

Truly, we have seldom seen an uglier dog! Hence her name-Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn was in such bad shape that we thought she would likely die. Terry vowed that this terrified little creature would have at least a few days of warm, soft food and know some kindness before that happened. So she took her home and Marilyn never left her side.  Terry carried her everywhere in a bag, loved her, and spoiled with the tastiest food ever.

This spunky little dog surprised us all. Not only did she not die, she positively thrived. She responded to the good food and skin treatments and got stronger every day. Her hair began to grow back, and she began to play with the big dogs, and behave like a dog. She quickly realized that none of the humans around her were going to hurt her, and she stopped trembling and hiding, and started to run up and ask for cuddles. She quickly won us over with her sparkly, sweet personality. She is so beautiful inside, one soon forgets her lopsided jaw and cloudy eyes, and sees her just as beautiful on the outside.

She was recently spayed (and none too soon, as her uterus was filled with liquid and ready to burst). The vet removed her mammary tumor, and pulled two badly infected molars (she now truly IS toothless!) He evaluated her jaw, but it was decided to leave it as is. She won’t benefit from straightening it as she has no teeth to mesh; it won’t help her to eat. It causes her no pain, and surgery would.

Marilyn could be adopted locally, or could be a permanent foster dog, however due to her age and physical issues, she will likely be a Sanctuary Dog and live out the rest of her days with us, riding to work with Terry, and lounging on the bed with her at night, accompanied by her body guard Jo Jo.

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