Cindy is a young female Cocker Spaniel cross who was found in the woods above Cerro de la Cruz at the side of the road leading to Al Hato on May 17, 2011. She was in heat and exhausted and laying near a male Golden Retriever. Both dogs were picked up and taken to Vet-Pro to be checked and sterilized.

Cindy was very dirty and full of fleas with a dry, matted coat. She was not thin, and obviously had not been on the street for long. She is a very sweet dog, but clearly under socialized and abused-she cowered and screamed when reached for with a hand or picked up.

  • Cindy is a very sweet, affectionate dog. She LOVES to be with people, and stays very close. She can get over excited quickly, and will jump up when she does. Cindy is a high energy little dog who needs a lot of exercise. She got over her fear of hands and being picked up very quickly, and no longer screams. She likes everyone, and is quite happy being petted by men, women, and children. She loves laps. She gets along quite well with other dogs, but is quite a dominant female. She recognizes her name, and comes when you call her. She will try to squeeze out of the door when it is opened, and will run off and not come back when called. She will eventually stop to sniff something and allow you to catch her, but you need to be careful opening the door. She still tends to pull when on the leash, but is learning. She is very scent oriented and you have to pay attention in order to keep her from sniffing everything on a walk. Cindy had not been exposed to the sights and sounds of the street, and was nervous and jumpy on walks at first. But she has relaxed a lot and loves her walks now.

Cindy was adopted by Alexandra Carter and moved to the US with Alex when she left Guatemala.

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