We saw Alice laying in the central park of Antigua over a period of a few days near the end of July. She was always sleeping, and was pretty obviously not well. Her coat was dry and brigttle with bare patches, she was very thin, and suffering from mastitis.

Terry saw her at our feeding station, and later sleeping in the park. She called to her and Alice got up slowly and came right over. Terry could hear her wheezing, and knew she had to get her to our veterinarian.

Alice was sick with an upper respiratory infection, in pain from severe mastitis, and coming into heat again. Dr. Calderon spayed her, treated her mastitis and respiratory infection with a course of antibiotics, and boarded her until she was better and we had space.

Alice arrived with us at the rescue on August 5, 2015. She has steadily improved, and has put on weight and grown sleek and shiny. She is a great eater (a true champion) and loves training. She is smart and very connected to people. She is now going for long walks in the coffee farm with the main pack, and is great off leash. She comes every time she is called, and rides happily in the car.

Alice didn’t really know how to interact with dogs or play with them when she arrived. She is doing great with the dogs, and although she plays hard, she gets along well with everyone, adult and puppy.

She is an extremely sweet, affectionate dog and would be a great family pet. She loves children and is extremely tolerant of hugging and petting. Alice does have some slight separation anxiety, and would do best in a home where people were around most of the time. She is not destructive, but will bark when left alone.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.