Billy is a teenage pup who belonged to a family (as most of our dogs do…). The family is poor. They have way, way too many dogs. And they really don’t care about any of them. We have tried to work with them, to get them to sterilize their dogs, to get them to feed their dogs. But they ultimately  just are not interested  enough to be bothered to take care of their animals.

We have taken most of their dogs to sterilize and vaccinate them and then return them. We have sterilized and returned 7 or 8 so far Billy was one of them, along with his sister Jean. We picked them up at about 6 months of age, after worming them,  treating them for mange, and vaccinating them over the previous months.  When sterilized, we released them back in the area they lived in with their “family”,  but unfortunately, Billy had taken to staying on the dangerous curve in the road that passes the aldea. He had zero traffic smarts and was going to be hit by a car. The family was uninterested in any potential solution to keep  him from roaming, We couldn’t bear to find him injured or dead from being struck by a car, so we picked him and his sister back up;  that is the Reader’s Digest Condensed version of how Billy came to be available for adoption with us.

He is a LOVELY dog. He weighs about 30 pounds, is lean and rangy and gorgeous. He is now approximately 1 year old and has a lovely, sweet disposition. Billy is playful, friendly, smart and goofy. He is active but he is also a wonderful snuggle buddy. He likes dogs, loves people, and is a typical teenage dog.

He has all his basic training (always rewarded with food), and walks well on and off leash. He is wonderful with other dogs, plays and handicaps himself beautifully, and is great with the cat in his foster home. He is well house trained and rides great in the car. He would be a terrific dog for any lucky family.

Billy is neutered, fully vaccinated and up to date on his shots. He is medium sized, about 30 lbs with a sleek, short coat.