Canela was found by Tessa and Gerson in February of 202 at the beginning of the pandemic. She had been hit by a car and left lying at the side of the road.

They took her home and x-rays confirmed that she had fractured vertebra in her spine. With love, rest, and good care Canela healed and can walk and even play. She has a slightly odd gait and we are careful not to encourage her to jump up or sit pretty.

She loves to walk, but doesn’t need a ton of exercise. She is a sweet, gentle, very friendly dog who loves everyone and every dog.

Our US vet checked her x-rays earlier this week and said the fracture is fully healed and completely solid, and that she is healthy and in great shape.

She is spayed, vaccinated, and chipped. We think she is about 3 or 4 years old. She is a wonderful dog.