Charlie arrived at the Revue offices in the arms of his owners. The skin on his belly was a mass of blisters, his elbows and underarms were seeping, scabby, and infected. He was filthy, but otherwise in good shape. Terry explained that we couldn’t take the pup as we were full, but offered to help with treatment expenses at Vet Pro. 

The people brought him to the clinic, and told Dr. Calderon that Terry had agreed to keep the puppy.  The doctor was unable to reach us to confirm, so took the owner’s information, and took the puppy in for treatment. The owners agreed over the phone to pay for some of the treatment, but we never saw or heard from them again.

Charlie was fostered and trained by Linda as there was no room at the shelter site for a puppy.  He grew into a specactular, healthy, sweet puppy. He is super-smart and extremely well behaved and affectionate.

Charlie was networked through friends of Terry’s, and adopted by our now good friend Renate who sends regular updates on the Life of Charlie. Charlie lives in Davis, California.