Approximate age-born early March, 2012. Coalie was dropped off at Vet Pro by a rescuer who picked her up but did no more. She was in good condition, slightly thin, but otherwise healthy. She had a lot of fleas, but probably hadn’t been on the street long.

Coalie is jet black with the tiniest white tip to her left hind toes. She is shiny and should be small, probably not more than 35 lbs. She is very sweet and friendly.

Coalie was lovingly fostered with Tiana (now Ruby) by Isabel and Velvet,  who say that the two are the sweetest, easiest puppies they have ever received from us. Coalie is a super cuddler, and loves to be hugged and petted. She is playful and fun, and loves to go on walks, but she is also relaxed and easy going in the house. She is very food oriented and trains easily. She is an adorable, well mannered, well socialized puppy with no behavioral issues.

When Coalie was ready, she flew to San Francisco and was adopted by Annie Bissell and family in the bay area. They re-christened her Pip.