Denise was one of the dogs we brought in after volcano Fuego erupted in June. She had a family who loved her very much, however they lost their home and livelihood and Denise had been suffering for a while with a gigantic abdominal swelling that they family could not afford to treat.

They surrendered Denise to us and asked us to find her a loving home. The swelling was an extremely large inguinal hernia and Dr. Calderon performed the surgery to repair it. She is now fully recovered, spayed, vaccinated and healthy, and very ready for a family to adopt her.

Denise is a wonderful dog. She is sweet, affectionate, and great with everyone. She is a Spaniel mix and is probably about five years old. She is the size of a Clumber Spaniel (or a large Cocker Spaniel). She would be great as an only dog as she much prefers people to other dogs. She tolerates other dogs just fine; she just isn’t interested in them.