Eleanor is a darling little female, picked up roaming the streets of San Juan del Obispo. She is only about 25 lbs, and is probably about 4 years old. She had recently had a littler of pups, but we never found any sign of them.

She is small to be making her way on the street, and she is so gentle and sweet, we ended up not putting her back. Eleanor is very affectionate, and a friendly, happy little girl. She is a quick learner and has picked up all her basic behaviors very quickly. She loves training and works happily for treats.

She gets along with all the dogs at the rescue, including puppies. She is a lovely, balanced dog and we are quite smitten with her!

Here she is settling in a day or two post spay at the rescue. She is such a sweet, happy dog!



Eleanor  is spayed and vaccinated, and is healthy. We had her teeth cleaned and a couple of incisors bulled as they were damaged. She is ready to join a lucky family.