This little sweetheart was pretty skinny and mostly dead from Parvovirus when Francesca rescued him. She called him Flaco, which means ‘skinny’ in Spanish. With excellent vet care and lots of love, he survived and thrived.

He isn’t very ‘flaco’ anymore, so the name doesn’t really fit this dreamy-eyed little pup. Flaco is about 3 months old. We have no idea of his mix, although with those velvety floppy ears there has to be some hound in there. He has two-toned eyes, and a short, soft coat. We never met his parents, so have no idea of his adult size.

Flaco is a very sweet, bumbling and roly-poly pup. He follows all the bigger pups and dogs and tries his best to keep up with everybody, but he really is the little kid on the block! He loves people and did great with all the kids in our Saturday program, too.

Flaco is not yet neutered and has only had his first two shots, so can’t be adopted internationally yet. But he is available for local foster and adoption.