I have a little secret for you. I am a bat-dog with super powers. Some of my bat powers are top secret, but the most important one is my ability to make everyone who meets me fall in love with me in an instant!

I am a very pretty girl, glossy jet black with a couple of little white marks. And have I mentioned my amazing ears? I have long legs and a lean, strong body.

I am a teeny bit reserved with new people when I first meet them, but I warm up really quickly. I live with a wonderful foster family and have met lots of other puppies, big dogs, children and a kitty.

I am very smart and love to train my hoomans. We play this game where I do things like sit down or lie down, and they get all excited and give me yummy treats. Most of my people are pretty smart and catch on quickly, but some take a little longer. I am patient and use my super powers to help them learn! I am sure that I could teach you this game, too.

I have lots of energy and love to go on long walks. I stay close because super heroes need to keep a close eye on their people. Some of my other hobbies include digging and playing fetch and tug.

I am about 3 months old, spayed and am up to date on my shots. I weigh about 18 lbs, and will likely grow a little more, but I won’t be a big dog. I love my foster family very much, but it is time for me to find my furever home. Are you looking for a loyal and trusty wingman? Then look no further!


We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.