Fran was hit by a car and left with a fractured pelvis. She was likely hit because she has poor vision, likely due to the fact that she has two tick-borne diseases, Erlichia and Anaplasmosis.

She was “rescued” by a family who found her lying in the street in front of their house. Their ‘rescue’ of her consisted in calling us and pushing us on social media to come pick up the dog. We did, explaining clearly and repeatedly that we could only cover veterinary costs and food for the family. They ended up dumping Fran on us and walking away from the whole situation.

We didn’t have the heart to euthanize this sweet girl, so ended up keeping her in our over-full facility as best we could. However, there were more problems to come. Fran was pregnant.

Our vet informed us that with her two tick borne diseases and the pelvic fracture, she was too high risk for a clot, and that we had to wait to spay. But none uf us knew she was already pregnant. Because of the fracture, she couldn’t deliver naturally and would need a C-section. But since we have no idea when she came into heat we cannot program the C-section. We also have no way to care for and raise more puppies.

So Fran had a very high risk OVH on October 2.