Gus is about a year and a half old. He was one of a littler of 7 puppies, born in San Juan del Obispo last spring. We took in 5 of his siblings, and all are in the US. Gus and one other puppy were placed locally, but after over a year, the owner decided that he didn’t want Gus anymore.

Of course we took him. Gus is a wonderful dog. He has a lovely temperament and great personality. He is friendly to all, loves people and gets along great with other dogs. He is not reactive and walks past all manner of distractions without issue.

Gus had no training when we got him, and was quite jumpy and a little rambunctious. He loves food, and so took to training like a duck to water. He is smart and really loves playing training games with us. He now has all his basic obedience behaviors and even crates well.

Gus is a medium sized dog, weighing in at about 45 lbs. He is athletic and loves to run and play. He has a naturally docked tail-he was born like this. He would make a great family dog (we suggest older kids as he is on the large side and may knock down smaller children in his joy to be with them).

He is neutered, up to date on all shots and treatments, and is ready for a home of his own.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.