Janie was found as a very tiny puppy lost and wandering on a busy corner. She was almost run over by several buses as we passed by, so we stopped and scooped her up out of harm’s way. After asking all the people standing around, circulating through the neighborhood asking vendors and passersby if they knew where she had come from or who she belonged to and receiveing head shakes and negative answers, we took her home with us.

She weighed in at 6 lbs, was pretty dirty and skinny yet bloated. She was quite fearless and followed us with a determined desperation. Someone had cut her little tail off, and she has a short stub, almost healed over.

Janie  has recovered brom a respiratory infection. She gained two pounds in her first 4 days with us. She has been spayed, vaccinated and is in great health. She is about four and a half months old and now weighs 22 lbs.

She is a spunky, fearless little pup, who loves to play and be with people and dogs. She is whip smart, extremely food motivated, and really fun. She is crate trained and has great basic obedience (she has been clicker trained). She rides great in the car, plays hard, loves to exercise, and would be a fabulous agility dog. Janie is a catch. She also has the best ears ever! We love this puppy.

She is already in foster in the Bay Area and available for adoption now.