We were on our way to the grocery store when we found Jasper wandering up the road, all by himself. He was far too young and tiny to be out on his own. He weighed 3 lbs, and was covered in lice and fleas. After a warm bath, some medicine and some warm food, Jasper settled in and has grown into a beautiful, healthy and absolutely lovely, sweet pup.

Jasper loves everyone he meets. He is great with the other dogs, fine with the cat, and a ball of cuddles and love. He is an extremely mellow and laid back puppy (and yes, we know that the words mellow and laid back don’t normally belong in the same sentence as the word “puppy”, but Jasper really is an easy-going guy.

He likes walks in the woods, and plays with his doggo buddies happily, but he really enjoys a good chew on a bully stick and a good nap, snoozing beside you as you watch a movie, and hanging out under the table in cafes. He is definitely not into extreme sports, long runs, or non-stop activity.

He likes kids just fine, but he is very much suited for a quieter, adult home. Visiting kids would be fine, but the daily chaos and noise of a home with young kids is not an ideal match for him.

Jasper is well trained. We train with food and positive reinforcement, and he has all his basic behaviours. He sleeps the night through, either on a bed beside the human one, or in his crate.  He hasn’t made a potty mistake in a couple of months and is a clean puppy. He is 4 months old, neutered, and has had all his puppy series shots.