Mama dog Kiko was tied outside the rescue alongside a box filled with five tiny, newborn puppies. We brought the family in and set them up in the puppy and senior dog area.

Kiko was a brilliant mamita and took great care of her brood. She was sweet, patient, and very tolerant of all our handling, and of all the other dogs’ attention to her babies.

She was very thin, and not in great condition, but she filled in quickly after stopping nursing, she has filled in and is now healthy and very pretty.  Tragically, Kiko’s pups contracted distemper and all died at 5 weeks of age. She somehow did not contract the disease and is healthy and fit.

Kiko is a star! She is incredibly smart and loves to work for treats. She has picked up all her basic obedience behaviors and even learned “roll over”. She learns fast and is an eager pupil.  She is quite an acrobat and has no problem scaling a 6 foot high chain link fence to get to her favorite people-not to run away, but to be nearer to you.

Kiko is a really fun little dog. She is fast and agile, and loves to run, to play fetch, and she will play with any dog she meets. She loves everyone, human or canine. And all the dogs love her and play with her happily. Kiko would be a fantastic family dog.

Kiko is now spayed and ready to be adopted. Kiko has an old, healed injury and is missing a piece of her right ear. We think this gives her even more character!