Kit Kat

Kit Kat and her siblings were born May 3, 2016. A good samaritan friend of Terry’s rescued the mother dog near term, and cared for the mother and her seven pups until they were weaned. The rescuer was able to place 4 of the puppies, and we took the remaining 3 sisters in when they were 9 weeks old.

The puppies were all in very good shape thanks to the excellent pre and postnatal care they received. The pups are very people and dog friendly. They are still a little nervous when out in the big world, but are learning that all the sights and sounds are harmless.

Kit Kat and her sisters have been fostered in a couple of different homes, and are doing extremely well. They love people in general and love kids in particular. They are being clicker trained and have learned their basic behaviours of “sit”, lured “down”, a hand target, and are beginning to walk on leash. They are being crate trained as well.

Kit Kat is going to be a larger dog, with medium to long hair. She already weighs over 20 pounds at only 12 weeks old. She is up to date on her puppy vaccines and is already spayed.

She could be adopted anytime.