Layla was found by student volunteer Esperanza when she was playing soccer with her brothers and sisters in their town of Pastores, about 10 minutes from Antigua. She ran across the road to catch an errant ball, and ran smack into a man kicking at this tiny, crusty puppy in the gutter of the street. Espe’s heart his far, far bigger than her head sometimes, and she didn’t stop to think about anything other than scooping up this little creature and running home with her, safe in her arms. (As an aside, may we take this opportunity to say how much we love Espe and all our volunteers’ huge, compassionate souls? They are absolutely the most wonderful children and adults we know).

Of course all the children were instantly in love with this little thing, and Mama Nancy and Emily Osbourne made a call to us…incoming. So little Layla spent a warm night safe and sound with Emily, who will help foster this little one. We estimated her age at about 2 months, but she was very malnourished so it was  hard to tell for sure. She was filthy beyond words, and was treated for sarcoptic mange and all manner of other parasites.

Layla has always had a bit of a limp and a turned out left hind leg. We had her x-rayed to see what was going on and we were shocked to see that the abuse she received by the kick fractured her pelvis and acetabulum and drove the head of her femur into the shattered socket. She has already developed some osteoarthritis and will have to undergo a femoral head osteotomy when she is a little older. With this surgery, she should be pain free and have no further complications from her injury. We will absorb the cost of this surgery if she finds a home here in Guatemala. It cannot be performed until she is a little older.

Emily, Espe, Marta, Daisy and the rest of the crew have made sure this pup is very well socialized with kids and kitties, and Mama Nancy has madee sure she has had a good start with big dogs. She is a super sweet, cuddly puppy. We adore her!

Layla is now about 5  months old and has recovered both physically and mentally. She is up to date on all her shots and is now healthy, glossy and growing fast. She is spayed, vaccinated and very healthy. She could be adopted locally anytime.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.