Lexie is a very small sandy tan mixed breed dog. She lived at the side of the road below the rescue, and “belonged” to a family who let her roam, and pretty much starved her. We took to feeding her, and begged to be allowed to spay her, but were rebuffed. She delivered a couple of puppies when she was only about 9 months old herself, and quickly became even more emaciated. Both puppies died.

The pups died and one day we saw 9 large male village dogs fighting over her. She was in heat again. We pulled over and baited her to us (pretty easy as she knew our vehicle from all the days we fed her. We took her in to be spayed, thinking we would return her to her “home” after she was healed.

However our veterinarian found rocks and old socks in her stomach and intestines. She nearly died before she could pass them, and after a more lengthly recovery than normal, we chose to not return her to a home where she was so starved that she had to eat socks.

Lexie is a spicy, fun little girl. She is zippy and very food motivated and really fun to train. She has a lot of energy, but she also loves to chill. We are working on her nippiness, as she really wants to be the center of attention and nips to get it. She is doing very well with time outs sit-to-say-please, and is really beginning to understand that nipping won’t get her what she wants.

Because she is excitable, we think she would do better in an adult home or one with older children. She is very affectionate, and would also do well as an only dog. She gets along well with all the rescue dogs, but can be a little intense and annoying with them when she gets revved up. One-on-one she settles beautifully and is a much more chill little dog.

We would love to find a local foster home for Lexie while we continue her training. She absolutely could be adopted now by a home experienced in drivey, high energy dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers or other herding dogs.

Lexie is about 2-3 years old, spayed, up to date on shots, etc. She is a very clean dog and never soils in her run, so we think she is probably house trained. We don’t think she would do well with cats.