Little Bug

Little Bug was found badly burned and injured near ground zero a few days after volcano Fuego erupted in June. She was tiny, badly burned and very sick. She was missing patches of hair and chunks of skin that had been burned by falling cinders.

Little Bug was totally dehydrated and infested with parasites. She spent several days in critical careat the vet on I/V fluids, and having her burns treated, and thankfully she pulled through. This little pup loves life and is a fighter, indeed!

Little Bug has been fostered by board member Keri Peyton who has literally performed miracles with this pup. She is now fully healed and healthy. She has a short, glossy coat with no signs of the terrible burns she suffered. She has grown up with a large group of dogs, lots of social time with other puppies and kids and people in general. She is a friendly, outgoing and people-loving puppy and has been supremely well socialized. She is a pretty chill puppy most of the time, so is very easy to live with.

Little Bug has basic obedience and is well on her way to being house trained. Like all puppies she will need further training.She is a normal puppy, so is still chewing things up and getting in to mischief when unsupervised.She is spayed, up to date on all vaccines, worming and flea control. Little Bug is a really wonderful puppy and is ready for an equally wonderful family to fall in love with her.


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