Mabel joined our residents in January of 2014. She was wandering in the street and picked up by some tourists who dropped her off at our veterinarian and left. Mabel had a filthy bandage on her foreleg covering up a nasty road burn, no doubt caused by a car. She was limping badly, and had something going on with her eyes. They are brown, but partially obscured by a blueish layer.

Our vet called us to evaluate, and we were instantly smitten by Mabel’s lovely, calm demeanor. We posted her “found” all over town, but no one ever stepped up to claim her. Mabel is a mid-sized dog, probably about four years old. Her blue marked eyes are caused by cholesterol deposits behind the lens. She sees fine, probably a bit cloudy, but has no issues getting around or finding what interests her. There is no treatment for her condition. We think her eyes make her just that more unique and special. Mabel’s injuries are all healed, and she is in great health now.

Mabel is a calm, gentle dog. She is very affectionate and gets along well with all other dogs. (She considers herself to be the Play Police with puppies, and will stop their gamboling pretty quickly, but she is not overly rough with them).

Mabel is house trained, has lovely manners, and is a perfect size-small enough for the tiniest home, but big enough to keep up on long hikes. She loves to ride in the car, and loves belly rubs and ear scratches. If you are looking for a great companion dog with zero issues, Mabel is the one for you.