When Keri and Tessa dug the four black and white puppies out of their den at the bottom of a drainage ditch, their mama came running to protect them. She quickly realized that these humans meant help, not harm to her babies, and happily accompanied them and her brood back to the vehicle. Mama came along to the rescue and cared for her babies with us until they were old enough to be weaned.

We spayed her, marked her and released her back to her ‘home’ and home range, healthy, wormed, and vaccinated. She seemed fine-content to be back. But over the next week, she turned up repeatedly in front of Linda’s house. Finally, she camped out and would not leave. She didn’t need words to make it perfectly clear that she was done foraging for a living and not at all attached to the humans who originally had her.

We brought our mamita back up to the rescue, gave her a name,  and started training her. She is now ready to be adopted, too.

Maddie is sweet and gentle and friendly. This dog has a lovely, calm temperament and is easy going and non-reactive. She can shy away from hands if you move to fast, but leans into you for pets and loves gentle petting. She is fine with other dogs, but really not interested in interacting with the dogs at the rescue at all. She wants to be with people, and we think she would do great as an only dog or in a home with another mature dog who is not interested in play. She is about 2 or 2.5 years old, we think.

Maddie is fully vaccinated, spayed and has regained her girlish figure. She is a wonderful dog and will make a very lucky adopter very happy!