Mona Lisa

Sweet little Mona was rescued by friend Francesca, so infested with parasites that she could not stand and was convulsing. After a rough few days of treatment, she managed to pass the parasites and begin to recover.

Mona was in very poor general condition, malnourished and with an extremely dry and brittle coat. She was anaemic and weak. She has made a remarkable recovery, but is not yet ready for adoption. She is about 3 months old.

She moves with a decided “hitch in her giddy-up” and our veterinarian is not sure why. She doesn’t let it slow her down at all! Mona is a sweet, spunky puppy who is up for any game you want to play.

She is being fostered in a lovely home with two sweet older dogs, a bigger puppy buddy, and a very cool cat. Mona loves people and is great with everyone. She will be available for adoption in a few weeks after she is stronger, has been spayed, and when our vet has determined why she has this abnormal gait and whether there is anything that can be done about it.