Mona  is a  sweet, young Cocker Spaniel mix. She weighs 23 lbs, and is petit and very, very pretty. She apparently was adopted by an American tourist, and dumped on the street, left to fend for herself when the tourist left Antigua. A kind hearted local woman took her in, but she did not want the dog and kept her in her laundry business during the day. She asked us to take this sweet Cocker mix in February of 2016, but we had no space. We told her we would take her in a month or two, as soon as we had placed an adult dog or two.

The woman became impatient and took the dog to  an extremely overcrowded, understaffed facility in Sumpango. We arranged to transfer Mona to us, but unfortunately she had already been spayed by this group. We took Mona in on March 29, 2016.

Mona is about a year old. She is still a puppy, and is very frisky and playful. She loves people and is not at all shy. She gets along well with all of the dogs at the rescue (although she approaches new dogs much better when she is off leash than on. She can be a little “forward” and growly when she wants to meet a new dog and the leash prevents her from reaching her goal. Once free, she is fine with the dog.

Mona loves people and happily comes over for petting and love. She is great with all people, no matter size or age.

Mona does guard valuable resources from other dogs. She doesn’t want to share her food, her high-value toys and chews, or your attention with other dogs. She does not guard resources from humans, but should be fed separately from other dogs and will need supervision and redirection with toys and food.

She is a mid-energy dog. She has a great off-leash recall and good basic obedience skills. She is being clicker trained and is doing great, loving “earning” her treats. Mona is a lovely, easy dog and would do well in pretty much any home.

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