This sweet little 4 month old puppy has a fractured pelvis and two broken hind legs. Incredibly, they have healed and she can not only stand, but she can walk, run, play, and even do stairs.
This puppy has a very sad back story. She apparently belonged to some very nasty gang members in the nearby town of Jocotenango. She was run over, and the neighbors were broken hearted to see her in pain, dragging herself around by her front feet, both back legs useless. They called our friend Francesca, who tried unsuccessfully to get the gang to let her take the puppy for treatment. She finally gave up in despair.
Two weeks later, a neighbor called Francesca to tell her that she had dognapped the puppy when no one saw, but now was fearful that one of the gang would find that she had the injured pup.
Francesca took the pup to her vet, who x-rayed the pelvis and said that nothing could be done for her. After two weeks of rest at the clinic, the puppy was somehow up and moving about, even playing!
She called us  to ask if there was any possibility that we could find a home for the pup when she is older and healed.
Dr. Calderon took new x-rays, and her injuries are consolidating, so he recommended not to do anything for the moment. The puppy may need an amputation later when she has grown.
This pup is very sweet, very friendly and affectionate. She is a survivor, that’s for sure.

Update: Dr. Jim Bader examined Mouse and agreed that she is healing well and that she should not be operated on. Her left knee is fused and she will have a peg leg and be unable to bend it. He feels that no amputation will be necessary as she weight bears with no apparent pain or discomfort. Her skin and coat are improving and she now  looks fluffy and healthy.

Mouse is a happy, frisky puppy. She loves to run and play, and is a friendly, sweet, people friendly puppy. Her injuries have not slowed her down one bit. Mouse is sterilized and up to date on her puppy shots. She is healthy, happy, and ready to have a family of her own.

She is currently in foster in the Bay Area.