Nikita was found by Tessa in terrible condition in a ditch as a 4 month old puppy. She is now about 8 months old and has matured into a stunning, sweet, lovely teenager.

She is friendly to all, and  has as much energy as you want for active lifestyles, but is also happy to crash on a couch with you.

She is medium sized, about 35 lbs, is white with chocolate and caramel markings, and has mesmerizing two colored eyes.

Nikita is working on house manners and still likes to help herself to food on the counter, or inspect the contents of the trash can. She also pulls on leash and uses a front attach harness while she she is in training. She is great off leash and doesn’t stray.

She loves dogs and people. She is spayed, chipped, healthy and ready for a wonderful home.