Nugget and her siblings were born January 6, 2015 to a dog belonging to a poor family near Antigua. An independent rescuer named Francesca checked on them and the mother, bringing the female food so she could produce enough milk to nurse her babies, deworming the mother and puppies, and making sure they were vaccinated once they were old enough. She constructed shelter for the puppies with plastic wash basins, and has arranged to have the female spayed. Placing the puppies was urgent for her, as mixed breed puppies are not in demand in Guatemala.

The family decided to keep two of the puppies, (both males; they will be neutered by Francesca). We agreed to take the five remaining puppies in and we received them on March 4th.

Nugget is the largest puppy of the five, and she is the only golden coloured pup. She also has a naturally docked tail. She is friendly and playful, very smart and food motivated. She is a delightful puppy and is learning her basic behaviours quickly and joyfully.  She is sleeping all night in a crate, riding great in the car, and happily comes when called. She is being raised with a cat and is properly respectful of it.

Nugget has been spayed and is up to date on her puppy vaccines. She is ready for a home of her very own.