Ouma is an older female farm dog. She’s wandered south of Antigua for years, having litter after litter of semi-feral and undesired puppies. She was quite feral herself but team member Francesca managed to win her trust feeding her when the pandemic began and alternate food sources dried up. Ouma had very bad skin, and was constantly scratching.

We brought her in as a TNR (trap, neuter, release) dog, and planned to release her post-spay. We vaccinated her and treated her with Bravecto. She had an ear infection and aural hematoma in one eara from shaking her head constantly. So we treated the infection and had the hematoma surgically repaired. By the time her ear, spay, and skin had healed, several months had passed. Then, she developed an aural hematoma in her second ear.

We really didn’t have the space to keep Ouma, but it hurt our hearts to put her back on the street again. We brought her in just to get her spayed and return, but unfortunately, she is pretty old to continue eking out a living on the street, and she wasn’t doing very well there. Her teeth are very worn and she is missing a few. She is a quiet and calm older lady and seems very happy just having a soft bed to lie in,  and breakfast and dinner served up every day.  She seems happier with another dog around, although she doesn’t engage or play with them. Ouma has really blossomed over the past months, and gone from accepting a pat or two, to actively approaching and asking for pats. She has even started to go for walks with us!

With the recent CDC ban, we decided to fly Ouma with the rest of our adoptable dogs and she is now living in a wonderful foster home in the SF Bay Area.

Are you interested in meeting this sweet girl? Ouma is ready!


We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.