This absolutely gorgeous dog was found wandering by a friend in Guatemala City. Smart guy that he is, Oreo followed her home and wouldn’t leave. He knew a good thing when he found it. No one ever stepped up to claim him, so his rescuer had him neutered, vaccinated and treated for parasites.

He is now enjoying life in a home with a wonderful foster family in the city. he is a stunningly beautiful black and white mixed breed dog. He is big-tipping the scales at 73 lbs. We estimate his age at possibly 4 years.

So far, what we can tell you about Oreo is that he is calm and gentle, appears to be house trained, and is friendly to everyone he has met. He has been very well-behaved in his foster home. He likes other dogs, but is not overly interested in them, and is not reactive on leash toward them. He loves to play with his foster-dog-brother, another male. Oreo is available for adoption either locally or in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a spectacularly lovely, sweet dog!