Osito and his five siblings were born to a free roaming black female on or around November 10, 2014. They were found in the dump behind the Antigua market by a Guatemalan woman who lives nearby. She fed the female, but several days after the puppies were born, two disappeared. Concerned that they were being taken by passersby and sold, she took the mother dog and remaining four puppies into her home. She already had five dogs, plus fees many more that pass through the farm she lives on. 

Lukie called us and asked us to help with the puppies and we agreed to take them when they were weaned and to help her sterilize the mother dog. We checked the pups and dewormed them on December 6th, and sent them home with the mama. 

Lukie, the rescuer, placed one of the four puppies in adoption locally. We brought the remaining three into our rescue to begin training on January 21, 2015. The pups were in excellent condition, well fed and well cared for. They were friendly and outgoing and are absolutely beautiful.