Polly is a dolly of a dog. She is a floofy, fabulous young girl, full of beans and ready to play with anybody, any dog, any time. Polly came to us via our friends at Perropolis, a wonderful rescue group we work with in Guatemala City.

Polly is about a year or a year and a half old. She is an unknown mix of unknown parentage. We suspect there is some Doddle in her, and maybe some terrier in her as well Her coat is curly and soft, and she loves being brushed.

Polly is a very friendly, energetic and very wiggly young dog. Life is a party for her, and she invites everybody who crosses her path to come play.  She is still jumpy, counter surfs, and behaves like a typical teenaged dog.

Polly needs an active family who will take her for long daily romps and give her plenty of outlets to play. She would LOVE a playful, energetic dog buddy to romp with. She is healthy, spayed and fully vaccinated.