Timon and Pumbaa (who may or may not be brothers) were brought to one of our sterilization clinics from the town of Santa Maria de Jesus. They were surviving (barely) on the street there, and both were suffering from mange, internal parasites and malnutrition. The people who brought them planned to release them back to the streets, but hoped that they would do better once sterilized and vaccinated.

We have a difficult time putting puppies back on the street, and these two were clearly not thriving. So in a moment of weakness, we decided to bring them in. The pups are about 7 months old, and small. They weigh only about 16 lbs.

Pumbaa had a pretty bad case of mange when we got him. His skin has cleared beautifully with treatment and his coat is growing in nice and shiny.

Pumbaa is a sweet, zippy and gentle pup. He is playful and really fun to interact with. He loves his walks in town and trots along happily, saying hello to everyone he meets.

He loves to play with Timon and the other puppies,  keeps up nicely on our coffee farm  walks, and loves to chase tossed toys and dissect them once he’s caught them. He is doing great on his basic obedience, coming along nicely with his house training and is great in a crate, sleeping the whole night through quietly inside.

He is neutered, fully vaccinated and now healthy. Pumbaa will be flying up to the Bay Area at the beginning of October. He is a fantastic, fun, and adorable little pup.