Rascal is a spicy, bold and super fun little pup. He was picked up a couple of months ago, literally wandering under the wheels of vehicles driving on a busy road south of Antigua. He was about two months old, and on the verge of not seeing his third month.

He was tiny, but pretty healthy when picked up. He was (and still is) a really friendly, bold and outgoing puppy. He is smart as a whip and very active, so needs a training oriented and active home to keep his body and mind busy and engaged. His favorite thing to do in life is chew, so he needs lots of approved chew objects to gnaw on, and his adopter needs to make sure to structure his environment so that he cannot access things that are out-of-bounds, thus developing a healthy chew habit rather than a destructive one.

Rascal is extremely fun to train. He is enthusiastic, quick, very food motivated, and offers new behaviors readily. He already has a rock solid ‘sit’, ‘down’, nose touch, and is doing really well with ‘leave it’ and stay. He stays close off leash, and comes quickly and reliably when called (always well paid with a delicious treat, of course!) He is a rockstar walking on leash.

He loves to play and wrestle with doggo-buddies, and he has a lot of puppy friends of different ages. He plays hard and keeps up with dogs much older and bigger than him. When tired or ready for a rest, he is a super cuddle-bug and he loves being petted.

Rascal loves to go for car rides, is crate trained, and doing really well with his potty training. He is up to date on his puppy vaccines, already neutered, and very healthy. We think Rascal is almost 4 months old. We never met his parents, but we think he will be on the smaller size when full grown. He currently weighs about 21 pounds.

Rascal lives with a cat in his foster home and is okay with it, but does bark and follow the cat around, annoying him.  He is great with kids, but because of his desire to chew, he might do better in a home with adults or older kids and not so many toys laying around.

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