Sandy is one of eight tiny, month old puppies we took in and hand raised. The pups were left in a cardboard box beside their mom, tied to the door of a local veterinary clinic. The mom slipped away and was not seen again, and the clinic staff raised the fifteen-day old puppies to one month of age and gave them to us. This litter of pups was lovely. We had a terrific time making sure they were exposed to wonderful children, other nice dogs, and training them. They had an amazing puppy-hood, and when they were about three months old they were adopted by families in the Bay Area. Sandy’s sister Sadie caught the eye of a family on Bainbridge Island who thought they had never seen such a cute, well-behaved puppy. They contacted us and adopted Sandy (now Stella), who took a second plane ride to fly from San Francisco, and a ferry to the island. Stella lives with a doggie brother named Jack who adores her, and a lovely human family who think that she is the best puppy ever.