Sweet little Simba was rescued by Francesca when she was just 5 weeks old. She had painfully swollen eyelids, and Dr. Bader, our amazing US based veterinarian diagnosed her with entropion in all four eyelids. This genetic and common in dogs with loose skin on their faces. It is an extremely painful condition as the eyelashes are rolled in and rub against the cornea every time the dog blinks. Over time, this results in corneal abrasions, thickening, and eventual scarring of the cornea, and blindness.

Lucky for us and for Simba, Dr. Jim is a very skilled surgeon, and he offered to perform the surgeries for us using our local vet, Dr. Calderon’s clinic. (This surgery required gas sedation for the safety of the puppy).

The surgery was completely successful, and Simba is fully recovered. She is a fabulous little puppy, super social, friendly, outgoing and playful. She is being fostered in a wonderful foster home and getting all kinds of positive life experiences.

She is spayed, and has been wormed. She is doing well with her basic training and loves to work for treats. We think that Simba will be on the smaller side. She is six months old and weight about 30 lbs. She is up to date on her puppy vaccines, and is healthy and fit. She loves people, adores kids, and will happily play with every dog. She would be a great family dog.