Tamalito (Tami) is the latest puppy we brought in from a feral female in a nearby town.  The mother dog was abandonded by her “owners” several years ago when they moved away. A very poor family who live next door have been feeding Mama Dog ever since, but even they cannot get near her. Since she is not sterilized, she ends up pregnant twice a year.

We have repeatedly tried to catch her, but she is wiley as well as fearful. We have tried to trap her, and have laced her food with  tranquilizers sufficient to  knock down a donkey, but she always managed to escape. She now will not touch any food that has the least chemical taint and she disappears for several days if she even catches wind of us nearby.

SInce her puppies would grow up to be as feral as she is, the family watches and takes them away when they are about a month old so that we can raise them. Mama is getting old and her litters while always small are getting smaller and smaller. This time she only had one puppy.

Tami is half sibling to Eva-litter one, Tigger, Autumn (Nala),  Shadow (Camo)-all litter two, Frijolito (Scout)-litter three, Piper, and Cody (Kodi)-litter four.

She is two months old now, and is a darling, friendly, healthy and playful ball of fuzz. She is being lovingly fostered and goes to work with her foster mom, where she meets all kinds of people and nice dogs. She is already learning good manners and is very smart and connected to people.

Tami is not yet spayed, and so isn’t ready for adoption yet, however we have a wonderful family waiting for her. She is part German Shepherd on her mother’s side, with an unknown father, but given the sizes of her half siblings, we expect that she will be a larger dog, probably about the size of a small Shepherd.