Tico was one of the survivors of the June 3rd eruption of Fuego volcano. He was rescued from ground zero, miraculously minimally hurt.

This gorgeous dog is about 2 years old, and he is pretty perfect in every way. He is the perfect size, has perfect markings, and a perfect temperament. He even wrote his own Tinder post, and although dozens of people shared it, his perfect match has not yet materialized.

We will reprint it here, in the hopes that someone in this audience will read it and realize that he is a most perfect dog in almost every way:

“Hey, I am Tico. I heard that this site was better than Tinder for finding your perfect match, (and I am so ready to find my furever love!), so I logged on and pup-loaded my photos and here we go!

A little about me-I am told that I am extremely handsome, with meltingly soft almond colored eyes that gaze deep into your soul. I am nicely muscular, without going overboard, and I keep my naturally trim and fit form with daily walks, preferably with you. I am a low maintenance kind of guy; not picky about my dinner. I weigh about 40 lbs, have strong and shapely legs, and have soft, short hair. I am an easy-going, super well behaved kind of guy-I love to chill on the couch and watch old movies, sports, cartoons…really, I like pretty much anything that you do. I love to share popcorn and will happily clean up any mess you drop on the floor. I like other dogs just fine, and will play happily with them, but people are my first love. Don’t worry, though-once I have given YOU my heart, I will stay loyal to you forever.
I have the softest, silkiest magical ears and you are welcome to rub them all you like. Why are they magical, you ask? Because rubbing my ears makes humans feel calm, peaceful and happy!
I was one of the very lucky dogs who survived the eruption last month, and I am now recovered and healthy and very happy. What would make me even happier is finding YOU, my perfect match and moving in together. If you like what you are reading here, please have your people call my people and let’s set up a date! I am so looking forward to meeting you, special human!”