Toby is a Poodle mix, mid-sized and approximately a year old. He was found by a lovely family and Seidi, their 12 year old daughter has done the whole rescue of little Toby.

He was matted and neglected and quite thin when he was found. Seidi saved her allowances and had him groomed, vaccinated and recently, she had him neutered. Toby needed some training, so she rolled up her sleeves and did that, too.

He now has most of his basic obedience behaviours including a sit and a down. He is house trained and well behaved in the home. He walks on a leash, and even knows a few tricks like shake a paw.

Toby can be display leash frustration when passing them too closely, but Seidi is training him an alternative behaviour (sit and watch), and he is so food motivated, this has decreased his barking and lunging greatly.

Toby plays well with the dogs he meets off leash. He is a very zippy, bouncy little guy, full of energy and ready to play, play, play. Toby is smart, loves to train and is very treat motivated. He and Seidi have a great time playing training games, and he learns very fast.

Toby really likes to be with people. Seidi told us that when he first went to her grandmother’s house, he got very stressed out when she left him and barked and howled and scratched the door jamb. However in Seidi’s home when he is left (she has two other dogs), he has not displayed this behavior.

Although Toby has not displayed classic separation anxiety, we think he would likely do best placed in a home with other dogs. He is currently being fostered by his rescuer while he waits for his furever family to find him. Please contact us for more details on this cute little bug.