Topaz is a friendly and gorgeous brindle puppy. She was born in mid-May, in the very poor area of Guayabal in a coffee farm. She was one of a litter of three puppies. Her mother is  an older free-roaming street/ farm dog  who has had many, many litters of puppies over the years.

We sterilized her mother and took Topaz and her two sisters in to get them treated and healthy before sterilizing them. Topaz had an infected bite wound and trauma to her tail when we found her. Her abscess healed perfectly, as did her tail, although it is a little shorter than nature intended it to be. We say she has a 3/4 length tail! All three are just lovely puppies and are now healthy and beautiful and friendly. Her sisters have been adopted and now it isTopaz’s turn. She is ready for a family all her own.

She will be a medium sized dog, probably between 35 and 45 lbs. She loves people, adores dogs, and plays great with everyone she meets. She is used to and friendly with cats, too.

Topaz is almost 4 months old. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, wormed and healthy.  She has great house manners, sleeps through the night and is working on her house training. She walks great on and off leash, and has learned all her basic obedience behaviors-sit, down, leave it, touch. She likes car rides and will be a fantastic family dog.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.