We found Tulip huddled on the side of the road in El Hato, a small village just below the rescue on January 13th. She was absolutely terrified, to the point that we were not sure that she would come around and be handleable.

Volunteer Keri took her home and has patiently worked her magic with Tulip who is blossoming every day. She is now a happy and playful pup with absolutely stunning clear eyes.She is quite bold and likes people and she does great with all the dogs and puppies at the rescue. Tulip is still somewhat wary of hands reaching for her, but happily climbs into laps and accepts tickles and pets from people she trusts. She is great with the other dogs-fearless and playful.

Tulip is probably 6 months old. She is tiny, weighing in at only 12 lbs. She is now spayed, vaccinated and healthy. She will need a home where she can continue to gain confidence and with patient people who won’t grab or startle her. We don’t think she would do well in a home with small children for this reason, although she does fine with our student volunteers.