Leia is a lovely 2 (ish) year old female. She is medium-sized and short coated. Leia lived in a coffee farm near San Juan del Obispo, one of the villages we do sterilization clinics in. Leia wandered in accompanied by her puppy, Obi at the end of one of the clinic days. Our vets had already packed up and gone. Neighbors told us that Leia had given birth to 4 puppies in this litter, but that all had disappeared or died except little Obi. They told us that she had a litter with every heat, but that all the puppies always died.

She was so sweet, gentle, and friendly, we decided to bring her up to the rescue with her puppy and have them sterilized in Antigua with our vet. Our plan was to place the puppy and release Leia back where she wandered in. Watching her play and nurture her puppy quickly put an end to that plan. Obi was already 4 months old, long past the time that pups normally separate from their mothers. The two of them were so smitten with one another it just melted us.

So Leia will not be going back to the street! Her foster mom says she is wonderful in the home. She is fine with her cat, and plays with the other dogs in the condominium. She reports that Leia is VERY food motivated and pretty opportunistic when it comes to self-serving her food. So counters need to be kept clean, and the lid closed on the garbage can.

Leia is great with all the dogs at the rescue, except at dinner time. She will guard her food from other dog, and will try to steal theirs if she can,   She is fine with people coming near her food. She is gentle and sweet with people. She is doing well with her basic training and is ready to be adopted now.

Leia is up to date with all shots and treatments. She is spayed and microchipped.

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