Oscar is a young male poodle. He is probably about 2 years old, and weighs about 12 lbs. He is cream/apricot in color, and is healthy and fit.

We found him wandering in the middle of the highway near the rescue and picked him up because he was about to be run over. He had been in the area for several months, and we have seen him following various local people. He was pretty matted, dirty and smelly after being loose in the mountains for so long, so we sent him in for a grooming and he returned a new dog!

Oscar is a really nice little guy. He is very affectionate and loves to be right beside you. He does great with the other, bigger dogs at the rescue. He isn’t really interested in them, and doesn’t play with them, but he hangs out peacefully in the play yard.
He does like to chase stuffed toys and will play with them.

Oscar will be neutered the first week of January. We will also have his loose, double hind dew-claws removed, and he will have a dental at the same time. He has an underbite and crooked lower teeth on one side of his mouth, and needs a buildup of plaque removed. Once healed, he will be available for adoption.


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